The Artist - gretchenchappelle


I am Creative Artist based in Sydney, Australia exploring the world of Vision & Sound. I'm passionate about giving voice to the unheard, recognition to the unseen & providing people with incentive to honour, connect & share their own creative expressions.

My images are often described as dreamlike as they allow the viewer to be transported to a place that exists but often goes unnoticed by the majority. The unconventional painterly style I've developed seems to set me apart from the crowd.  

My photography has been published in books & magazines around the globe, featured on Picasa, Chromecast & as a Light Theme for Gmail

I am currently in the process of recording my first album Moonperle, an exciting project bringing together talented musicians, photographers & artists around the world. Stay tuned! 

You can learn more about my  music, creative process & personal  journey by clicking these links.