The Process - gretchenchappelle

The PROCESS is a combination of BEING present and ALLOWING energy to flow 

                                           into new found form.

In truth we are merely conduits. This universal energy is with us from the moment our cells begin to divide and remains even after our physical form returns to dust. It is with us ALWAYS, in ALL WAYS. As we gain life experiences, learn new skills and spend endless hours practicing those skills we are shaping our own unique instrument. AND SO BE IT! As energy travels through us it's vibration is tuned to our being as it unfolds and blossoms anew until it morphs yet again. The key is to keep the channel open.

Sometimes the greatest challenge is quieting the judgemental mind and getting out of our own way!

Photographic: I keep a camera with me at all times!

I don't always know where I'm going (both physically & metaphorically, but eventually I arrive. Sometimes my shoots are pre-conceived, well planned & set up. More often than not it's a serendipitous, magical and surprising moment captured & frozen in time that evolves into it's final incarnation via post processing. Despite the scrolling slideshows of Self Portraits I'm more comfortable behind the lens! However, the process & learning curve of self portraiture is a fabulous teacher on many levels - I highly recommend it to anyone interested in photography.

If you're into geeky stuff  - check out  the arsenal of  gadgets I keep in my creative space.

Musical: Most often songs come to me as a melody as I go about my everyday life.

Occasionally one will spill out in a torrent of chorus & verse but most often it is a line or two that haunts me until I find or create it's companions. More recently I've found the guitar & keyboard take me in unexpected directions & that the violin played through digital distortions & computer based instruments make a wonderful companion to my vocal expression. Recording & digitising my work has been in a pre-infancy state for ages! Over the years material has built up & FINALLY I'm only a few pieces of equipment away from having the tools I need to be able to share my song & sound. The burning desire to record an album has been with me a long time. It's a project I very much look forward to completing.

Books- Films -Acting: If there is a common thread that runs through my creative outlets it'd have to be storytelling. The process & tools may vary slightly from medium to medium but ultimately it all boils down to sharing a good yarn! 

Thank you for reading. I look forward to manifesting & sharing much more ... Stay Tuned :)